*Students doing Saturday fight training must arrive by 9am to complete Team run and warm up.

*Students doing Saturday fight training must arrive by 9am to complete Team run and warm up.

Fitness Kickboxing

Our fitness kickboxing classes are a great way to get in shape, have fun, and learn Muay Thai at the same time.  Fitness kickboxing classes focus on beginner level Muay Thai technique combined with strength and conditioning exercises.  These classes cater to beginners as well as to athletes looking to improve their conditioning.  There is no direct contact in our fitness kickboxing classes.  Expect to work hard, gain muscle, and get fit in these classes.


Level 1 Muay Thai

Level 1 classes focus on developing proper Muay Thai technique.  These classes aren’t as face paced as our fitness classes.  Level 1 classes with focus on a particular technique, how to properly execute it, and variations of set ups and combinations.  These classes are great for learning new techniques and also improving them, cause as we say in Muay Thai, you can never be good enough at the basics.  Again, there is no direct contact in Level 1 classes.


Level 2 Muay Thai

Level 2 students will begin to learn how to incorporate Muay Thai techniques in a real life situation.  Level 2 is also where students will begin to learn to clinch, a very important aspect of Muay Thai.  In these classes students will learn more complex techniques and begin to incorporate contact drills while wearing larger boxing gloves and shin guards.  Students must have 16 oz boxing gloves, shin guards, and a mouthpiece to take level 2 classes.


Level 3 Muay Thai

Level 3 classes are geared towards our fighters, potential fighters, and students at a fighters level that aren’t interested in competing.  These classes will incorporate all aspects of Muay thai training; fast paced pad work and drills, clinching, strength and conditioning, as well as live, controlled, technical sparring.  If you are interested in potentially competing one day, these classes will give you an idea of what it takes to be prepared.


Open Gym

Open gym is time for our members to practice the techniques they learn in class.  During this time students can practice techniques on punching bags, work with a partner on pads, or do conditioning exercises.  There is no sparring allowed during open gym without Coach Mike’s approval and supervision.